Starlink Promo: Canada, Australia, New Zealand Save Over 70% Off Hardware

Starlink $199 canada offer

SpaceX has launched a new promotion offering 74% off its hardware at $199 for rural Canadian customers. This promo is a further discount off the 54% sale from back in March for Canadians.

According to offers being promoted on social media such as Twitter, it says “Starlink – Internet from Space” and “Rural Canada Offer, limited time for hardware”. The deal applies to residential service only in select areas of rural Canada.

You can find out if you’re eligible by entering your address on the Starlink website.

“Congratulations! Your service address is eligible for the rural hardware offer. For a limited time, get your Starlink kit for over 70% off in select areas of rural Canada, Australia + New Zealand,” says the Starlink website. That’s right, this discount is also for rural Australia and New Zealand as well.

The monthly service is $140 CAD, while the hardware is $199 CAD. That’s some pretty big savings. SpaceX says shipping times are currently 1-2 weeks for hardware. Starlink offers no contracts and a free 30-day trial.

Earlier today, Starlink removed the data cap on its standard plan, adding it now has unlimited high-speed low-latency internet. The company also updated its mobile app to offer better account management of your current subscriptions.

Starlink’s Internet plans right now include Standard and Priority (for business and high demand users) for single locations, while those seeking Internet “on the go” have Mobile and Mobile Priority plans starting from $150 USD and $250 USD per month. The Standard and Mobile plans recommend basic hardware at $599 USD, while the Priority and Mobile Priority plans recommend the High Performance and Flat High Performance dishes at $2,500 USD.