Starlink Unlimited Data Hits Standard Plans, Mobile App Gets New Account Screen

Starlink plans comparison

SpaceX has announced the availability of Starlink unlimited data on its standard service plans, providing users with enhanced internet access options. As a result, the company has removed the 1 Mbps cap for priority plans, now offering unlimited standard access, spotted by Tesla North reader Nathan Owens.

The updated service plans now include Standard, Priority, Mobile Regional, and Mobile Priority options. Priority plans are designed for businesses and other high-demand users at a single location, priced at $250 USD per month. These plans provide high-speed, priority service, public IP, and priority support, and users will receive unlimited Standard data after consuming their Priority data allowance.

Mobile Regional plans are available for $150 per month, allowing customers to use Starlink services on land across their continent with best-effort service. Customers can pause and unpause their service at any time. These services, however, are not allowed for use on the ocean. For Global access, it costs $50 more at $200/month.

For those seeking global coverage, the Mobile Priority plans cost $250 per month and offer 50GB of data, faster speeds, and network priority for use on land or sea. After consuming the 50GB of Priority data, users will continue to have access to unlimited best-effort data on land where Starlink offers service globally. In-motion usage is limited to Flat High-Performance hardware and approved countries.

starlink mobile app account

Also new to the Starlink mobile app today is a new redesigned account screen, data usage and the ability to manage your subscriptions right from the app, noted Aaron Grider from Starlink. Check out the video teaser below: