SpaceX Unveils Starlink Roam with Global Roaming; 54% Off Hardware Sale in Canada

SpaceX has rebranded Starlink RV to Starlink Roam, offering a global roaming as a new option, letting customers take their dishes anywhere in the world for global service.

“Unlimited high-speed, low-latency internet on an as-needed basis all over the world. One-time cost of $599 for portable hardware or $2,500 for in-motion hardware,” says Starlink.

Reginal Starlink Roam costs $150 USD per month, while Global service costs $200 per month.

“Starlink for RVs is now Starlink Roam,” says SpaceX.

As for Canada, Starlink has a 54% off deal on hardware, offering it for $350 for a “limited time”, versus the regular price of $759 CAD.

Starlink service costs $170 per month in Canada for Starlink Roam, whereas Starlink Residential costs $140 per month.

SpaceX was reportedly testing its global roaming service for Starlink last month and now it’s here.

The news comes just a couple of weeks after filings surfaced showing that SpaceX was looking to offer two new Starlink dish design sizes, and one user in the Reddit thread suggests that the deal could be a way for the company to deploy existing hardware in preparations for the new terminals.

Another user in the thread pointed out that the deal is offering the same price on Residential and Roam terminals because they use the same hardware.

SpaceX has also unveiled its Starlink V2 Mini satellites in recent weeks, which are expected to offer “four times the capacity for serving users compared to its earlier counterparts,” according to the company.

In addition to deploying new satellites, a recent application submitted to the Federal Communications Commission shows that SpaceX is also looking to upgrade its first-generation Starlink satellites.