Starlink Testing ‘Global Roaming Service’ at $200 Per Month

Photo: u/Kitchen_Advertising2 (Reddit) via Nathan Owens (Twitter)

SpaceX’s satellite internet company Starlink is testing a new “global roaming service,” as was seen in invites sent to customers this week (via Reddit and @Nathan Owens).

According to the correspondence, the service would let users connect to Starlink “from almost anywhere on land in the world.”

Currently, SpaceX says the Global Roaming Service can be expected to offer high-speed, low-latency Starlink service intermixed with regions of poor to no connectivity.

The service is set to cost $200 per month in addition to the standard $599 for the dish and hardware kit, though Owens points out that the company could offer the feature as an add-on for $65 a month like portability.

The service is only available for purchase in U.S. dollars, according to the message, but users outside the country can still purchase the service, though they’ll be responsible for customs duties and taxes in addition to acting as the Importer of Record for the hardware.

Additionally, SpaceX writes that participation in the testing of Global Roaming won’t affect a person’s place in line for Starlink residential service.

Starlink RV was unveiled last year, offering service for $135 per month in addition to the $599 hardware, or users can upgrade to in-motion hardware for $2,500.