You Can Now Buy Starlink Kits at Home Depot

starlink home depot

SpaceX has started selling its standard Starlink satellite kit at Home Depot in the United States.

The listing was spotted by Nathan Owens and the list price is $599.99, with a limit of 2 per order, with ship-to-store and delivery options available.

Traditionally, buying a Starlink kit required ordering from SpaceX’s website and waiting for shipping, but the availability of the hardware from Home Depot means it’s much easier and faster for customers to nab hardware right away.

“Your Starlink Kit is designed for self-install and arrives with everything you need to get online within minutes,” reads the product description. The basic Starlink kit includes your Starlink satellite, router, base and power supply and supply cables.

This Starlink kit is available for two customer plans: Residential and Roam. Residential service is designed for use at a fixed location and may not be available in all areas. In contrast, Roam service allows users to access the internet at any location where Starlink has coverage and is immediately available.

To activate your Starlink service, visit Starlink works anywhere with a clear view of the sky, making it a versatile option for internet access. The easy self-install process ensures a hassle-free experience, and the hardware is weather-resistant, designed to withstand various conditions.

Starlink offers its customers a no-contract, 30-day trial period. During this time, customers can try out any Starlink service plan and, if not satisfied, return the hardware for a full refund. To check which service plans are available in your area and determine the best setup location before installation, download the Starlink App.

Home Depot selling Starlink means it’s easier than ever for new customers to get started with satellite internet. When customers roaming the aisles at stores see these Starlink satellites, they can learn first hand about what’s possible.