BMW i7 Electric Sedan Gets Free Charging with Electrify Canada

Bmw electrify canada

BMW i7 luxury sedan owners in Canada can now enjoy complimentary fast-charging sessions at Electrify Canada charging stations across the country, thanks to an agreement announced by Electrify Canada and BMW Group Canada.

First owners of the all-electric i7 will receive three years of free charging on the Electrify Canada network from the date of vehicle purchase. Drivers can access charging history, locate charging stations, and check the status of chargers through the Electrify Canada mobile app.

“As more EVs like the BMW i7 come to market, fast-charging solutions from Electrify Canada and our ongoing work to expand charging access for customers will be critical to increasing EV adoption,” said Rob Barrosa, Vice President of Technology at Electrify Canada and Electrify America.

The i7 yields a range of up to 512 km and using Electrify Canada’s DC fast 350 kW chargers, the i7 can reach its peak charging power of 195 kW. The i7 is the first BMW flagship 7 Series to receive an all-electric powertrain.

“As leaders in the luxury segment, we want to provide our flagship i7 customers with a premium charging experience. This charging agreement with Electrify Canada gives i7 owners a fast and convenient way to charge their vehicles when out-of-home and helps make a further case to go electric,” added David George, President and CEO of BMW Group Canada.

Electrify Canada plans to build over 100 charging stations with over 500 chargers in Canada by 2026, said a spokesperson to Tesla North.