Electrify Canada to Offer Free EV Charging on Earth Day

With Earth Day coming up, one charging station company is offering free charging to electric vehicle (EV) drivers to celebrate the holiday.

Electrify Canada is offering free vehicle charging on April 22 for Earth Day, explains the company in an email to Tesla North.

The service will begin at 12:01 a.m. on April 22 and will continue through April 23 at 3:00 a.m. ET, with Electrify Canada covering the cost of all charging sessions. No promo code is needed–just pull up to a charger and plug in, says the company.

In addition to free charging, the company is offering $65 off its HomeStation Level 2 home charger between April 18 and April 30.

The Home Charger features adjustable charging power of up to 40 amps, and it can charge at speeds of up to 9.6kW, adding around 53 km (32.9 miles) per hour.

The home charger can be purchased through Electrify Canada’s website with customers using the promo code CHARGEONEARTH.

Electrify Canada’s locations include 30 charging stations across Quebec, Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia, all including four chargers with speeds between 150kW and 350kW.

By 2026, however, Electrify Canada plans to expand to over 100 charging stations with 500 individual chargers.

Electrify Canada also offers free charging for Lucid Air buyers for two years and new Volkswagen ID.4 owners.

The company has offered free EV charging on Earth Day for a few years in a row now.