Volkswagen ID.4 Owners to Get Free Charging at Electrify Canada Stations



Following Electrify America’s announcement that it will double its electric vehicle (EV) charging network in Canada and the U.S. by the end of 2025, the company has now announced a new partnership with Volkswagen that could stand to benefit new ID.4 owners immensely.

Volkswagen Canada announced on Tuesday that it plans to offer three years of unlimited, complimentary charging on Electrify Canada’s network to new owners of the 2021 Volkswagen ID.4.

The news comes alongside Electrify Canada’s “boost plan,” which will increase its EV charging network by the end of 2025 from 27 stations with 108 chargers to over 500 individual chargers across Canada.

Electrify Canada’s expansion will help bolster the network’s coverage from just four provinces to nine, offering charging from Nova Scotia all the way to British Columbia.

Electrify Canada Senior Director of Sales, Business Development and Marketing Robert Barrosa said in a statement to Tesla North, “Collaborating with Volkswagen Canada to offer complimentary charging can enhance the EV ownership experience, helping us move towards our goal to make electric mobility a viable solution for all.”

The Volkswagen ID.4 has 260 miles of range and is a direct competitor to the Tesla Model Y electric SUV. When the ID.4 was first released last year, the electric SUV sold out immediately and even crashed Volkswagen’s website. The ID.4 starts at $44,995 CAD in Canada and is eligible for federal and provincial EV rebates.


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