Volkswagen ID.4 Range Gets EPA-Rated for 260 Miles

The Volkswagen ID.4 SUV is a direct competitor with the Tesla Model Y, and a new update has revealed that its range will compete with some of the Model Y’s range offerings too.

On Monday, Volkswagen announced that the ID.4 Pro, the model’s entry-level variant, has received a range of 260 miles from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), according to a press release (via Inside EVs).

The model will debut at $39,995 (USD) for the base level ID.4 Pro, while the Pro S version will start at $44,495 (USD). The lineup will also include the ID.4 1st Edition, which will cost $43,995 – and each of which famously sold out immediately and crashed Volkswagen’s site on release day last fall.

While the base model of Tesla’s Model Y boasts just 244 miles of range, placing it just beneath Volkswagen’s ID.4 Pro, upgraded variants of the Tesla SUV offer up to 326 miles. Still, electric vehicles (EVs) rarely live all the way up to their EPA-granted range, as shown in a recent test of the Model Y and Model 3 sedan performed by Edmunds.

The EPA has yet to release its official documents on the Volkswagen ID.4, though they should be more telling than Volkswagen’s press release, especially regarding details surrounding other variant ranges.

Recently, Volkswagen launched ID.4 pricing in Canada, from $44,995 CAD before provincial and federal rebates, with the EV set to launch this summer.