Tesla Cybertruck Spotted on Test Track at Fremont Factory [VIDEOS]

Photo: Met God in Wilderness

Just a few days after Tesla and CEO Elon Musk teased crash tests for the Cybertruck, a pre-production version of the upcoming vehicle can be seen outside Tesla’s California factory.

Tesla was spotted testing a Cybertruck on the outdoor track at its Fremont Factory this week, as spotted and shared by the YouTube channel Met God in Wilderness.

In the video, we can see the Cybertruck driving slowly around a set of bumpy tracks in a parking lot, taking laps in the area in what appear to be suspension tests for the futuristic truck.

The area is seen near a handful of Tesla vehicles parked in a row, with the Cybertruck alternating between driving on either side of varying bumpy road lanes nearby.

Near the end of the video, the Cybertruck is seen pulling up in the parking lot next to a Model Y, at which point the drone camera flies over it for a top-down view. This shot shows just how much longer the Cybertruck is than the Tesla Model Y, as is also pointed out by the video itself.

The Cybertruck is expected to enter production this summer at Giga Texas, with Tesla’s first deliveries of the unique electric pickup set to go out by the end of the year.

Watch the full set of suspension tests with the Cybertruck below.

YouTube video

Earlier in the week, another video of the Cybertruck on the test track was also spotted, alongside Tesla’s original Roadster as well. Check it out below:

YouTube video