Tesla ‘Cybercharger’ in China is a Mobile Connector Storage Box


After teasing a ‘Cybervault’ product coming on April 3, the upcoming product is actually a Wall Connector storage box dubbed ‘Cybercharger’, according to early screenshots of the upcoming announcement shared with Tesla North by a reader in China.

Tesla’s documentation for customers details home charging solutions. Customers first purchase a Wall Connector for 7,200 RMB or the ‘Cybercharger’ Home Charging Service Package for 5,500 RMB ($798 USD), which looks to store your Mobile Connector neatly inside a Cybertruck-themed box. For now, the link to this Cybercharger box is not live yet.

The documentation includes a chart comparing the Wall Connector specs and charting rates versus the slower Mobile Connector for the Model S/X and Model 3/Y. It doesn’t go into specs of the cabinet but details installation requirements and such.

Tesla China’s Weibo account had been hyping up this ‘Cybervault’ product and now we know it’s a cool-looking aesthetic Cybertruck-themed cabinet–for your Mobile Charger–that will cost about $800 USD. Just shut up and take my money, Tesla (am I right?!).