Tesla Reveals Cybertruck-Inspired Home Charger in China [PICS]

After teasing a ‘Cybervault’ unveiling was coming on April 3, Tesla has taken the wraps off appears to be a Cybertruck-themed home charger.

The company shared the image on its social media channels in China yesterday. The translation for the image below says, “What is the reason for its splendor?”, while at the bottom it says, “inheriting the design aesthetics Cybertruck, the unique painting and sandblasting process restore high purity colors, and the ‘silver box’ shines brightly.”

It goes on to explain, “Cyber power-up, hardcore departure, new Tesla charging products are on the market. Countdown two days.”

Tesla cybervault china

Actual images of what appears to be this actual Tesla Cybertruck design-inspired charger also were shared online, which you can check out below:

Tesla cybercharger china 2

It definitely looks like a Cybertruck-inspired charger indeed. It looks like the size of a small to medium travel suitcase:

Tesla cybercharger china

No word on pricing and availability but that will come on April 3, 2023 it seems. Do you want one of these bad boys to juice up your Tesla.