Tesla Teases ‘Cybervault’ Announcement in China on April 3

tesla cybervault china

Tesla has teased a “Cybervault” announcement in China set to take place on April 3, 2023.

In an announcement on Chinese social media, we see a black cloth covering something mysterious, with the word “Cybervault” in the same truck as Cybertruck. Translation of the text at the top below the Tesla logo says, “who is the main character this time?”, while at the bottom, it says “special for, super power-up” and “countdown 3 days”.

Meanwhile, since March 14, Tesla is offering a sale on tires for the Model 3 and Model Y. The text shows 19-inch Hankook and Pirelli tires for Model 3 and Model Y on sale, while 21-inch Pirelli tires for the latter have also been discounted, according to another screenshot also shared by a Tesla North reader.

It’s unclear what Tesla will be announced in China, with many suspecting it could be related to Supercharger V4, in a move similar to the newest chargers debuting in the Netherlands.

Tesla recently posted a job opening for an Engineering Program Manager, Energy Storage, in Shanghai, According to @tslachan there are rumours a mega factory might be built in the city.

Other rumours have claimed Tesla will begin its Model 3 Highland production at Giga Shanghai in April, according to @cyfoxcat, who also recently tweeted that Elon Musk was rumoured to visit China next week (that tweet has since been deleted).

Until then, speculate all you want but let’s wait for April 3 to come and see what Tesla will reveal in China.