How to Play Retro Games in Your Tesla

Image: @YoumotherFUDer on Twitter

Tesla owners can pretty easily play retro games on their vehicle’s infotainment screen, as demonstrated by Twitter user @YoumotherFUDer.

As detailed by Shawn, Tesla owners can play retro games in their vehicles by simply going to using the built-in internet browser on Tesla’s infotainment system.

The website features a wide selection of retro games, ranging from arcade titles to games from the Nintendo 64, SNES, Game Boy Advance, SEGA Genesis, and even the original PlayStation. Available titles include Sonic The Hedgehog, Super Smash Bros., Crash BandicootStreet Fighter II, and more. Shawn showed off Street Fighter running on his Tesla’s infotainment screen, connected to a controller.

Tesla has been working towards expanding gaming functionality inside its cars for quite some time now. The company rolled out the Steam Beta for its Model S and Model X electric vehicles (EVs) with its latest holiday software update late last year, bringing “thousands of games” to its cars.

While the Steam Beta allows you to play some of the latest AAA games like Cyberpunk 2077 and Elden Ring, which really take advantage of the powerful hardware inside your Tesla’s infotainment system, it looks like you can also lean back and play some retro games to bring back those sweet, sweet childhood memories.