Tesla Launches Safety Score Beta 2.0 with Added Scoring Factors

Tesla has unveiled its Safety Score Beta version 2.0, as detailed on its website, including additional safety factors that help predict a driver’s overall score.

Version 2.0 of the Safety Score beta includes two new safety factors that the score takes into consideration: Excessive Speeding and Unbuckled Driving.

On the former, Tesla says that safety scores will be lowered by “more time spent driving over 85 mph,” also adding that it will be lowered by “time spent driving over 10 mph without buckling the driver’s seatbelt.”

In addition, Tesla has made it so that the effect of late-night driving on a person’s safety score is decreased from past versions when it’s earlier in the night, while increasing when it’s later in the night. The version also adds hard braking safety factors to exclude braking events occurring during a yellow traffic light.

Tesla also notes that which Safety Score Beta version you have, whether 1.2 or 2.0, will depend on your Infotainment system hardware. You can check which safety score version your vehicle has by opening the Tesla app, and scrolling to the very bottom of the “Safety Score” screen.

When Tesla first began rolling its Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta out to a wider audience, it used safety scores to help determine who gained access to the feature first.