Tessie Mobile App Rolls Out New Tire, Brake, HVAC Maintenance Alerts and More

tessie app hero

The popular Tesla companion app adds tire, brake, and HVAC maintenance alerts, charging alerts, and more in its latest update.

The Tessie mobile app, a popular choice for Tesla owners looking to enhance their ownership experience, has announced a series of updates aimed at providing better maintenance alerts and additional features.

Designed to help users “Upgrade your Tesla. Save money. Be happy,” Tessie has been trusted for over 30 million drives, offering a range of useful tools and integrations for Tesla owners, according to the developer.

The latest updates to the Tessie app include:

  • Tire Maintenance Alerts: Users will receive notifications when it’s time to rotate their tires.
  • Brake Maintenance Alerts: The app will now notify users when it’s time to test brake fluid or clean brake calipers.
  • HVAC Maintenance Alerts: Tessie will alert users when it’s time to replace the cabin filter, A/C desiccant bag, or HEPA filter.
  • Charging Alerts: Users will be notified when charging begins and ends, making it easier to track and manage charging sessions.

Additional updates include the ability to filter drives, charges, and idles by address, allowing vehicle owners to manually sync Supercharging costs with Tesla by tapping the cost. The app has also improved charging cycle estimates for brand new vehicles, weather animation transitions between different vehicles, and made minor bug fixes and improvements.

Tessie’s existing features include the ability to track driving and charging, control and summon Tesla vehicles from an Apple Watch or desktop, and integrate with Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, and Google Home.

The app also offers battery health measurements, cost projections, and savings recommendations, along with customizable charging schedules and intelligent alerts, like notifications for impending rain while windows are open.

Tessie supports importing data from other Tesla companion apps like TezLab, TeslaFi, Nikola, Teslascope, and TeslaMate, and offers a developer API for those looking to create their own Tesla software.

The latest updates to Tessie are available now, offering Tesla owners more control and convenience in maintaining and managing their vehicles.

Tessie is our third party Tesla management app of choice so far. You can click here to download Tessie and try it free for a month.