SpaceX Starlink V2 Mini Satellites Facing Some Issues as Expected, Says Elon Musk

Starlink V2 Satellites

@Elon Musk says SpaceX is having some issues with Starlink’s V2 satellites, after @Nathan Owens spotted some unusual activity from the satellites including altitude changes and eccentric orbits on Thursday.

In the thread, Musk noted that SpaceX was conducting some thorough testing of the satellites, after SpaceX launched its first round of V2 mini-satellites into orbit just last month.

Owens shared a graph showing the unusual behavior, to which Musk responded later in the thread to researcher Jonathan McDowell by saying, “Lots of new technology in Starlink V2, so we’re experiencing some issues, as expected.”

Musk went on to say that “Some sats will be deorbited, others will be tested thoroughly before raising altitude above Space Station.

SpaceX’s V2 mini satellites include around four times the capacity of earlier satellites, updated use of E-band for backhaul, more powerful phased array antennas and more improvements, according to the company’s posts when unveiling them last month.

As of statements from earlier this month, SpaceX has around 4,000 Starlink satellites in orbit, and the company is set to begin testing for satellite-based cell services later this year. Starlink V2 satellites are also expected to be launched with SpaceX’s cell service this year, as announced by the company last year.