Starlink Approved in Pakistan After Meeting Between SpaceX and Officials

Federal Minister of IT and Telecommunication announces Starlink’s registration with SECP.

SpaceX’s Starlink, a satellite internet service provider, is set to revolutionize Pakistan’s internet landscape by offering high-speed, affordable connectivity across the country. The news comes after a meeting between the Global Director of SpaceX, Ryan Goodnight, and the Federal Minister of IT and Telecommunication, Syed Aminul Haq.

The news comes after previous reports that cited SpaceX Starlink was still awaiting approval in Pakistan.

Starlink has completed its registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP), laying the foundation for the fastest and most cost-effective satellite internet services in the country. According to Aminul Haq, Starlink’s services will significantly reduce operational costs for telecom operators, enabling them to activate inactive mobile towers in remote areas at a lower cost.

The primary objective is to provide affordable broadband services to every corner of Pakistan. “Starlink can play an important role in this regard,” said the Federal Minister for IT and Telecommunication.

Ryan Goodnight, SpaceX Global Director, expressed gratitude to the Federal Minister of IT for his full cooperation, stating that Pakistan is making rapid progress in the IT and telecommunications sector. Goodnight confirmed that the company has completed the basic steps and is now ready to move forward quickly.

As Starlink prepares to enter the Pakistani market, it promises to enhance internet accessibility and affordability, connecting even the most remote regions to the digital world.

According to astronomer Jonathan McDowell, there are currently 3,803 Starlinks in orbit. SpaceX recently launched its latest Starlink V2 Minis that offers 4x greater capacity than its predecessors.