Tesla Sales in China Climbing Heading into Q2, Shows Insurance Data

Photo: Yan Chang

Tesla’s insurance data in China going into the third week of March shows gradual increases leading up to the end of the first quarter, as spotted and shared by @Tslachan on Monday.

During the week of March 13-19, 18,712 Tesla vehicles were registered for insurance, up from 17,032 in the week prior and just 13,266 the week before that. Each individual week in March has outpaced insurance registrations month-over-month from both January and February, with a steady increase heading into the final week of this month.

On the month as a whole, 49,010 Tesla units have been insured, indicating a relatively strong month for the automaker’s sales.

Tesla’s insurance numbers have been increasing for the past several weeks now.

While insurance data doesn’t give a complete picture of an automaker’s sales, it does offer an estimate of how many units are being sold since vehicles need to be insured once purchased.

The news comes just a week after Tesla’s first Model S and X units arrived in China, from the automaker’s flagship Fremont, California, factory. Tesla’s top-of-the-line Model S Plaid was also recently spotted at a Chinese showroom for the first time.

For the Chinese market, Tesla produces Model 3 and Model Y units at its Gigafactory in Shanghai, which began ramping up production at the beginning of February to help meet increased demand from the company’s sweeping price cuts in January.