Canadian Tesla Model 3 Deliveries Eligible for Federal Rebate Surged in February

After Tesla cut Model 3 prices in January, the entry version in Canada again qualified for the federal Incentives for Zero-Emission Vehicles (iZEV) rebate of $5,000 CAD.

The latest data from Transport Canada shows there were just 2 cars from Tesla in January that gained the iZEV rebate. In February, this number surged to 1,777 Model 3 deliveries that qualified for the iZEV rebate, reports Automotive News.

On January 12, the entry Model 3 saw a price cut to $54,990 CAD, just below the $55,000 CAD limit to qualify for the federal rebate. The last time this Model 3 met the federal incentive program was back in November 2021. However, Tesla continued to deliver cars with rebates in 2022 after a backlog of orders.

In second place for February was the Chevy Bolt EUV with just 531 eligible deliveries that qualified for the federal rebate. The Hyundai Kona was third while the Ioniq 5 was fourth, at 330 and 265 deliveries respectively that qualified for the federal rebate.

The total cars that qualified for iZEV rebates including electric and hybrid were up to 5,669 in February, up from 4,759 in January. Quebec was the province with the most eligible deliveries at 2,315, while B.C. and Ontario were second and third at 1,754 and 1,222 in January, respectively.