Driving a Tesla Upside-Down with 10-Foot Tall Wheels [VIDEO]

Photo: WhistlinDiesel

Many people covering Tesla’s vehicles will put them to the ultimate test, including one crew who attempted to get to the bottom (or top) of whether one of the automaker’s cars can be driven upside down.

A new video shared on Wednesday by the YouTube channel WhistlinDiesel shows a handful of tests with a Tesla Model 3, including one in which the hosts attempt to see if the electric vehicle (EV) can be driven upside down. The channel has other zany stunts with other high-end cars and trucks and now a Tesla has been added to the mix.

In order to do so, the team outfits the Model 3 with 10-foot wheels, since this is the only real way to give the car enough clearance to be driven upside down.

The semi-comedic video also shows the team driving the EV through a number of obstacles and durability tests, and attempting to exit a parking lot with a boot on one of the sedan’s regular-sized wheels.

The crew uses a bulldozer to left and flip the car over, and they also spend a fair amount of time driving on the giant rims with the car right-side up.

Recently, another channel attempted to find out if Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta could drive itself around a racetrack, as another example of experimental coverage on the EVs.

You can watch the full video from Whistlin Diesel below, including a segment of attempts to drive the vehicle fully turned on its head. Credits for the creativity in this video, but don’t try this at home!

YouTube video