Tesla Falcon Wing Doors: How it Started vs How it’s Going [VIDEO]

tesla falcon wing doors

Tesla shared a new video to its YouTube channel today showcasing the evolution of the company’s Falcon Wing doors from its Model X SUV. The video was originally shared by the company last week on Twitter.

Following the “how it started versus how it’s going” meme, Tesla teases an old prototype of Falcon Wing doors, followed by the current iteration on the Model X.

“Falcon wing doors are designed to proactively detect obstacles that prevent the doors from moving when an obstacle is detected,” explains Tesla.

“Sensors that can sense through metal enable the doors to adjust based on available lateral & vertical space,” notes the company.

“This also provides easy access to the third row of the vehicle, even when you have child seats in the second row!”, said Tesla.

Check out the short video below:

YouTube video

Tesla recently launched a new Ultra Red color for the Model S and Model X, while also improving vehicle glass in both vehicles, to go with updates to car seat anchor covers as well.