First Look: Tesla’s New Ultra Red Paint Spotted in the Wild [PICS]

Ultra red model s kilowatts

After unveiling a new Ultra Red paint option for the Model S and Model X yesterday, we have now what looks to be the first sighting of this new $3,000 upgrade in the wild, spotted by none other than The Kilowatts (@klwtts).

The Kilowatts shared pictures of an Ultra Red Model X that was Supercharging at Tesla’s Fremont location, with a Red Multi-coat Model Y parked adjacent to it for good comparison.

Ultra red vs red multi coat

You can see from the images Ultra Red is a deeper red and looks pretty gorgeous, even on an overcast day.

Tesla’s Ultra Red paint is priced as a $3,000 upgrade, up $500 compared to the regular Red Multi-coat. So far it’s only available for Model S and Model X, which also gains glass upgrades (lighter and brighter), and brake improvements for Plaid versions. Other smaller changes include revamped covers for car seat anchors in the back.