Roundup: First Drives with Tesla FSD Beta 11.3.1 [VIDEOS]

Photo: Whole Mars Catalog

A number of new videos have surfaced this week showing off Tesla’s newly released Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta version 11.3.1 after it began rolling out to anyone just days ago, so we rounded a few of our favorites up for your viewing pleasure.

The FSD beta version 11.3 that began rolling out about three weeks ago notably included the combination of city and highway driving stacks, resulting in the “single-stack” or “legacy highway stack” that many testers have been referring to.

Below, you’ll find two different videos from Chuck Cook testing FSD beta 11.3.1, along with one from Whole Mars Catalog, one from Dirty Tesla and another from James Locke.

YouTube video

In the above clip, you can watch Cook drive around Orlando, Florida, attempting to drive between a number of city and highway ramps. He also has a passenger, Sid, with who he discusses his experience throughout the drive.

Overall, Cook has few disengagements in the video, and he talks about a number of the roads as he goes, some of which he has also tested on past FSD beta versions.

YouTube video

In Cook’s second drive video, the bulk of the drive actually takes place on the highway, though he does let the system take him through a few on- and off-ramps. Cook also has a third installment in his single-stack FSD beta 11.3.1 coverage, which can be seen here, and a fourth located here which features a rogue tire in the road.

YouTube video

In the above video, Whole Mars Catalog tests the FSD beta 11.3.1 system out on city and highway drives in California, adding in the title that the technology is so impressive that “Everyone owes Elon Musk an apology.”

YouTube video

Above, James Locke’s initial coverage of Tesla’s FSD beta 11.3.1 is seen in Santa Clarita, California.

YouTube video

Above, we have Dan Burkland testing FSD beta 11.3.1 in Minnesota.

On Friday, Cook also teased his famous unprotected left turn on FSD 11.3.1 and it impressed. A full video will be coming out later today but you can see the short clip below: