Tesla Giga Berlin Milestone: 4,000 Model Y Builds in 1 Week, Ahead of Schedule

Giga berlin model y 4k

Tesla’s Gigafactory in Berlin, Germany, hit another milestone yesterday as part of its plans to ramp up production of the company’s Model Y compact crossover.

The Tesla Europe Twitter account announced on Sunday evening, “[4,000] Model Y built at Giga Berlin this week. Congrats to the Tesla team!”. A picture was shared of the factory floor with employees surrounding three Model Y vehicles, with the center sporting a “4K” poster on the windshield.

Company CEO Elon Musk called the achievement, “great work!’.

Here’s a quick timeline of Giga Berlin’s ramp up of the Model Y so far:

It has taken Giga Berlin less than one year to ramp up to 4,000 Model Y vehicles per week, which works out to an annual run rate of about 208,000 Model Y vehicles. Once Giga Berlin is able to reach 5,000 Model Y vehicles produced per week, that will be seen as volume production, an annual rate of 260,000 cars per year.

Giga Berlin now has output at one-third of Giga Shanghai in China, according to the company’s production plan seen by Reuters. Giga Shanghai plans to see an average total output of 13,000 Model Y vehicles (the max capacity is 14,000) and 7,000 Model 3 vehicles per week, for February and March, claims Reuters.

According to Reuters, the Giga Berlin goal is ahead of schedule, as the 4,000 per week milestone was pegged for the week of March 13, with more than 5,000 per week slated by the end of June. In total, Giga Berlin’s maximum capacity is 500,000 cars per year, or about 10,000 per week.

Tesla reported all-time high production and deliveries of 1,369,611 and 1,313,851 million vehicles for 2022. Annual production grew 47% year-over-year from 2021, while deliveries surged 40%, as it detailed in its record Q4 earnings report.