Tesla Semi Pulls into Harris Ranch, Surprising Tesla Owners Club Meetup [VIDEO]

Photo: Tesla Joy

Tesla Joy shared a video on Monday of a routine trip to document a Tesla meetup at the 80-stall Harris Ranch Inn Supercharger, when she stumbled upon a random appearance from the newly released Semi.

The Tesla Semi was spotted with Frito-Lay branding, and was not an expected part of Tesla Joy’s video but rather pulled up right in the middle of her coverage.

As the Semi parked, a number of fans at the meetup followed the vehicle and surrounded the truck to check it out.

Tesla Joy also got a moment to interview the driver to ask him questions about his experience with the Semi. Although there were certain questions he wasn’t comfortable answering on camera, she was also able to catch him off-camera a little later at the event and talked about it after the fact in the video.

When asked what the longest drive he has performed in the Tesla Semi was, the driver told Tesla Joy he had gone 485 miles. Starting from a 96-percent charge, the driver ended the long drive with a 12-percent charge. The driver also said Frito-Lay has 15 Tesla Semi trucks at the moment.

The driver noted he was just pulling into Harris Ranch for lunch and was surprised to be bombarded by so many Tesla fans, that immediately stormed the Semi as it backed into a parking spot.

You can see Tesla Joy’s full coverage of the Semi that crashed the Tesla Owner’s Club meetup at the Harris Ranch Supercharger station in Coalinga, California, below:

YouTube video