Tesla Cuts Price of CCS Combo Adapter by 30% Off

ccs combo price drop

Tesla debuted its own CCS Combo 1 Adapter back in September 2022, priced at $250 USD.

Fast forward five months later, the price of this adapter has been slashed by 30% off in the US, down to $175 USD. In Canada, prices dropped from $325 to $240 CAD (26% drop).

“Expand your fast charging options with the Tesla CCS Combo 1 Adapter. The adapter offers charging speeds up to 250kW and can be used at third-party charging networks,” says Tesla.

Not every Tesla vehicle will support the CCS Combo 1 Adapter, and may need a retrofit, which the company says it will start offering in “early 2023”.

You can check whether your vehicle supports the CCS Combo 1 Adapter by going to vehicle settings: Controls > Software > Additional Vehicle Information and you’ll see if CCS is “enabled” or not.

Tesla says the CCS Combo 1 Adapter will start “shipping within two weeks of order placement.”

Earlier this week, Tesla announced it would start opening up select Superchargers in the U.S., as part of an agreement with the White House to electrify major highways in the country.