Renault and Nissan Bolster Collaboration, Including Electric Vehicles

Image: Nissan

After Nissan and Renault announced plans to invest $26 billion into electric vehicles (EVs) last year, the automakers are expanding their partnership with a new global roadmap for the remainder of the decade.

The Nissan-Renault-Mitsubishi Alliance is establishing new initiatives for EVs in multiple global markets, including Latin America, India and Europe, according to a press release shared on Monday.

The release detailed four projects under consideration in Latin America, including a half-ton pickup in Argentina, developed by Renault and shared with Nissan, and continued collaboration on a one-ton pickup, set for production in Cordoba by Renault for both automakers.

Additionally, Nissan plans to produce a new EV model for Renault in Mexico, in addition to two accessible A-segment EVs being produced based on the CMF-AEV (Common Module Family) platform.

The automakers plan to collaborate on several new vehicle projects in India, including new SUVS and A-segment electric vehicles.

In Europe, Renault and Mitsubishi plan to develop two EVs based on the next-generation CMF-B platform, produced at Renault’s ElectriCity facility in France from 2026.

Renault Group and Nissan are considering jointly deploying charging infrastructure in Europe at both Renault Group and Nissan dealerships.

The release also included continued work on its plans for software-defined vehicles, including plans to keep collaborating until expectations for launch by 2026, and updated distribution and supply chain partnerships.

The news comes just after Nissan announced plans to launch the first solid-state EV in 2028, which it says will enable charging speeds of up to 400kW.

You can watch a replay of the announcement in the video below:

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