Nissan Warns of Ariya EV Shortages, Dealers Upset and ‘Shocked’

Image: Nissan

Nissan Ariya’s Halo model supply will be tight in 2023, according to a statement from the company to its dealers on Sunday, and as detailed by Automotive News.

The Nissan Ariya has been delayed a number of times since 2021, due to supply chain issues related to semiconductor chip supply.

Many came to the meeting on Sunday expecting to hear updates about the vehicle’s availability and affordability, with around 200 attendees requesting increased supply of the upcoming electric vehicle (EV).

“Every dealer was saying how many customers they have waiting or wanting to order one,” said Tyler Slade, Nissan’s Dealer Advisory Board Chairman.

Nissan didn’t disclose how many Ariya models were being allocated for the U.S., though a source briefed on the matter said roughly 6,000 units had been allocated for fiscal year 2022, which is set to end March 31. Currently, around 4,500 of those have been built.

“Why can’t we produce the Ariya in any acceptable volume?” one dealer said. “Customers are walking in saying, ‘I’m sold, let me buy one.’ But we can’t tell them when it’s coming.”

Another dealer that attended the announcement said they were “shocked and deflated” at news, questioning how a flagship is not available to be sold.

Still, Nissan is looking to ramp up Ariya production this year, and the automaker plans to up U.S. allocations to roughly 30,000 units for fiscal year 2023.

“We like to have more demand than supply because it holds transaction prices,” Slade added. “For the average dealer, this is good as long as we have some throughput.”