Nissan Delays Electric Ariya Crossover Due to Supply Chain Issues

Image: Nissan

Nissan announced on late Monday it is delaying the release date of its electric Ariya B6 crossover SUV, blaming the ongoing global semiconductor shortage and supply chain pressures.

According to Reuters, Nissan said the Ariya electric SUV will now launch on May 12 in Japan, instead of its planned late March debut. The Ariya was originally set to debut in mid-2021, but chip shortages affected its launch.

The electric SUV, Toyota’s second all-electric vehicle aside from the Leaf, is set to launch in Europe this summer and the U.S. this fall.

Nissan sold a limited version of the Ariya electric SUV in Japan back in January.

Numerous automakers continue to struggle with production, due to global supply chain issues, such as shortages. Tesla was able to grow its vehicle production with a record Q1 seeing over 310,000 vehicles delivered. 

The Ariya was priced from $47,125 USD back in November, with the vehicle a joint venture with Renault.