FritoLay’s Tesla Semi Gets Hands-On Treatment by Motortrend [PICS]

Photo: Motortrend

The Motortrend crew recently visited Frito-Lay’s upgraded, zero-emission distribution center in Modesto, California to talk with Tesla Semi drivers and see the truck in person.

The publication was able to gather a few extra specs on the Tesla Semi, noting that the huge vehicle sported a Model S Plaid tri-motor powertrain but turned around the opposite way.

The front motor of the Model S-style powertrain drives the rear axle of the Semi, dubbed the “highway drive unit.” The dual rear motors are instead mounted on the middle axle of the Semi, both motors including a Rivian-style clutch system.

Photo: Motortrend

All in all, Motortrend thinks the Semi matches the 1,020 hp in the Model S and X Plaid, partially based on a previous spokesperson saying the Semi has “three times the power of the average diesel semi,” which is roughly 350 hp.

The publication also says the Semi may have 1,050 lb-ft of torque, adding that its battery pack is effectively equal to 10 Plaid battery packs put together.

Photo: Motortrend

As for range, Motortrend points out that something doesn’t quite add up to the company’s 500-mile range at 2kW per mile traveled, as someone from Frito-Lay said the Semi has a 1,000kW battery pack.

Drivers of the Semis say they’re typically used for shorter trips, doing roughly 85-mile trips to San Jose or Concord before returning.

The outlet didn’t get to drive the Tesla Semi, though one driver said that it was super comfortable and “drove like a car.” We also get a first look at the Tesla Semi’s charger:

Photo: Motortrend

The team also pointed out the unique fleet of electric vehicles (EVs) at the property beyond the Tesla Semi — including three electric BYD 8Y yard tractors, six Peterbilt 220EV electric box trucks for last-mile deliveries in the area and 38 natural-gas-powered Volvo VNL trucks.

The news comes just a day after Tesla announced plans for a $3.6 billion investment into Giga Nevada, part of which will go toward scaling up Semi production.