Tesla Update to Bring Camera-Based Speed Limit Detection in Germany: Report

speed assist germany cameras

Tesla plans to release a software update in Germany to bring its camera-based speed limit detection feature, according to TeslaMag.

The upcoming software update 2023.2 will bring Speed Assist features that will detect speed limit signs using Tesla’s vehicle cameras, including support for the German Autobahns.

Normally, speed limit signs would be based on map data. However, when speed limits change in areas map data becomes outdated, which is when Tesla cameras can bring real-time speed limits by detecting and reading speed limit signs, then showing them on vehicle screens for drivers.

The software update mentioning the Speed Assist update that reads, “Speed ​​Assist now uses vehicle cameras to detect speed limit signs. This will increase the accuracy of speed limit data on country roads and highways in selected countries,” was seen in German on a Tesla vehicle in Germany, suggesting the latter could be one of the countries included in the update.

TeslaMag says if the current tests go well the 2023.2 software update could release in the next 1-2 weeks.

Other European nations such as the UK and the Netherlands have long had camera-based Speed Assist, but this looks like an expanded rollout of the feature.