SpaceX Offers 50% Discount on Starlink Hardware in Japan, Australia, New Zealand

SpaceX is now offering 50 percent off on Starlink hardware in Japan, Australia and New Zealand, according to offers shared by the company with customers (via @Nathan Owens).

For a limited time, buyers can pay just 36,500 yen ($284.76 USD) for the Starlink dish and included hardware, down from the typical price of 73,000 yen ($569.52 USD). Similarly, SpaceX is offering Starlink hardware for just $450 AUD ($314.41 USD) and $520 NZD ($334.15 USD) in Australia and New Zealand, respectively.

Starlink buyers must also pay monthly service fees, costing 6,600 yen ($51.49 USD) per month in Japan, $139 AUD ($97.12 USD) in Australia and $159 NZD ($89.32 USD) per month in New Zealand.

The company is calling the deal a start of the year offer, emphasizing the limited-time discount on Starlink terminals, routers and necessary connection cables.

SpaceX expanded Starlink service to Japan last November, although it has been operational in both New Zealand and Australia for about two years.

About a month ago, SpaceX announced surpassing one million active Starlink subscribers worldwide. The company also noted that it has reached 3,000 Starlink satellites in operational orbit.

In December, SpaceX was approved by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to launch as many as 7,500 next-gen Starlink satellites.

A few days ago, satellite cable network DISH lodged a lawsuit against SpaceX to halt the deployment of its next-gen satellites.