SpaceX Expands Starlink to Northern Alaska and Canada, Sweden, Japan and More

Starlink northern alaska

SpaceX has expanded its Starlink service map reaching more communities in northern parts of the globe, particularly Alaska and Canada.

According to Nunatsiaq News, Starlink reaches all of Nunavut in Canada (Sanikiluaq gained Starlink when the latter launched in northern Quebec in April). Starlink is also available in the Yukon and Northwest Territories.

Other areas that now have Starlink coverage include:

  • Northern Sweden
  • Northern Norway (including Svalbard)
  • All of Japan
  • Expanded in Australia
  • All of Chile
  • Expanded in Brazil

The expansion of Starlink to these northern nations and areas is likely due to enough Starlink laser satellites, with the first batch of the latter launched last January. All Starlink satellites launched this year have laser links, allowing the network to provide service with fewer ground stations, while also lowering long-distance latency.

As SpaceX continues its Starlink launches to cap off a record 2022, its satellite constellation will only continue to grow and expand, eventually offering coverage on all parts of the Earth.