World’s Largest Tesla Supercharger Complete, 98 Total Stalls at Harris Ranch

harris ranch supercharger expansion

Back in April 2021 a permit revealed Tesla was planning to expand the Superchargers at Harris Ranch Inn and Restaurant, located in Coalinga, California.

Construction started last year and Tesla completed the site just before Christmas last month (via TMC forums), adding 80 Superchargers to the site, its latest V3 chargers that can juice up to 250 kW.

A recent trip earlier this month to the Harris Ranch Superchargers by @WholeMarsBlog confirmed they were also open.

If you add the existing older 18 Superchargers (150 kW) at Harris Ranch Inn and Restaurant, located at 24505 W Dorris Ave, that makes for 98 total Superchargers in Coalinga, one of the biggest Superchargers in the world.

“We currently host 18 Supercharger stalls that are available on a daily basis, with an additional 80 Supercharger stalls currently under construction. Soon, we will become the world’s largest Tesla Supercharger station with 98 Tesla Superchargers available for our valued guests,” explains the Harris Ranch website, still yet to be updated.

The new Supercharger expansion also has Starlink Internet for Wi-Fi, as shared by @BrandonTSLA earlier in January:

The official address for this Supercharger expansion is 24553 W Dorris Avenue, with Tesla’s website and in-car navigation referring to the expansion as Coalinga, while the original site is referred to as Harris Ranch.

This is a massive expansion along the popular I-5 route and should be handy during peak travel times, specifically during the holidays such as Thanksgiving and more.

Tesla continues to expand its Supercharger network. It has more plans to build 100-stall Superchargers in California, as uncovered by @MarcoRPTesla last fall. Barstow and Willows are set to gain 100 stalls each, while another plan says 164 stalls are coming to another location in Coalinga. But for now, this Harris Ranch Supercharger site is the world’s largest with 98 total available on site.


As of Q3 2022, Tesla had 4,283 Supercharger stations worldwide with 38,883 Supercharger connectors, increases of 32% and 33% year-over-year, respectively. When Tesla shares its Q4 earnings on January 25, we’ll find out just how many were added.