Tesla Model S, Model Y Earn Record-Breaking Safety Ratings from EuroNCAP in 2022

Continued safety improvements to Tesla’s cars over the years have earned the company highly safe vehicle body designs, with its Model Y and Model S units outscoring others across the board in 2022 in one safety testing index.

Tesla’s Model S and Y units earned the highest scores ever to top the European NCAP safety rating’s newest, most rigorous safety ranking criteria in 2022, said Tesla on Wednesday.

The company shared a chart comparing the two models to many other vehicles tested, both scoring 92 percent on the index.

The Tesla Model Y and Model S both earned five-star safety ratings from the rating system, just a few months apart from each other in 2022.

The next highest scores come from a four-way tie between the Lexus NX and RX, the Mercedes EQ EQE and the Subaru Outback, each with scores of 89 percent.

Euro NCAP has so far tested 84 vehicles under its 2020-2022 safety protocol, and the chart shared by Tesla shows overall scores of vehicles earning an 87 percent or above.

Also, Tesla announced the “Model Y earned Best in Class in the Small Off-Road category & Model S achieved the same in the Executive & Pure Electric categories.”

Following Tesla’s impressive Model Y score last year, some critics asserted that the automaker cheated on the tests. However, Euro NCAP performed an investigation and found no evidence that Tesla was attempting to cheat the scores.

In November, the Tesla Model 3 was also named the “Most Green” vehicle in a different NCAP assessment, which looked at general energy consumption and overall lifetime emissions of the vehicles tested.