Tesla’s Giga Texas Receives More Cybertruck Production Robots, It Seems [4K VIDEO]

giga texas kuka robots

A new drone video of Tesla’s Gigafactory Texas was shared by Joe Tegtmeyer on Wednesday, showing off the automaker’s first vertical steel assembly and new robots ahead of Cybertruck production.

The video begins with Tegtmeyer explaining what’s going on at Giga Texas, including the ongoing production of a bunch of Model Y units. He also went on to congratulate Tesla for its more than 1.3 million vehicles produced and delivered throughout 2022.

Tegtmeyer’s drone footage shows new progress at the Austin plant’s west battery cathode foundation, where he points out the first steel assembly going vertical and additional footing construction extending to the south.

The video also shows the Body-in-White section to the factory’s east, where tons of robotics assembly machines are being moved inside. Tegtmeyer says these “may be some of the 66 Kuka robots” spotted by Greg (@greggertruck) in late December, that arrived in Houston from Germany. If so, he adds that they’ll be a part of the assembly and production lines for the Cybertruck.

In the video below, Greg says he counted 58 of these Kuka robots from Kuka Robotics in Augsburg, Germany, which Tesla uses to manufacture its vehicles. These are alien-like bright red robotic arms that help assemble its vehicles as you’ve seen in promo videos and more.

The Cybertruck is set to begin production this year, on target with past statements from CEO Elon Musk, and recent estimates from Tesla put the futuristic electric pickup delivering to customers by the end of the year, while the factory is still ramping up Model Y production.

Watch Joe Tegtmeyer’s full drone flyover of Tesla’s Gigafactory Texas below:

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