Tesla’s Giga Berlin Parking Lots are Overflowing with Model Y Cars [VIDEO]

Photo: Tobias Lindh

A video shared by Tobias Lindh on YouTube on Tuesday shows updates to Tesla’s Gigafactory in Grünheide, Germany, showing packed lots full of cars, following a milestone in which it produced 3,000 Model Y units in a week.

The drone video, which was taken on Sunday, shows multiple parking lot areas outside of Giga Berlin including parked Model Y units as they await transport.

Additionally, Lindh points out a number of other updates in the video’s description, such as a completed frame structure for the roof area above the lobby, new rebar placements for a planned shuttle train station, newly paved asphalt in the area to the cell production building’s west, and more.

The news comes just a day after rumors surfaced saying Tesla was preparing Giga Berlin to produce the Model S and Model 3, though the validity of the claims is not yet clear. Tesla reached 2,000 Model Y units per week in October at Giga Berlin.

Tesla also began clearing trees for new expansion plans at Giga Berlin in October, expected to help increase production capacity with a newly cleared, 70-hectare piece of land.

You can see Tobias Lindh’s full drone flyover of Giga Berlin below:

YouTube video