Far Out Rumor: Tesla Said to Be Prepping Giga Berlin to Make Model S and Model 3


Tesla is reportedly building a Model S factory line at its Giga Berlin, along with plans to build the Model 3 at the Grünheide, Germany factory, according to a Giga Berlin worker who spoke with @Felix Kern on Friday (via @Berlinergy).

While Kern notes that the news of the Model S factory line isn’t yet “official,” the source also said that Giga Berlin will undergo production upgrades in February and July, or sometime during the summer for the latter. If there’s going to be Model S and Model 3–why not Model X too?

The source also said that the night shift at Giga Berlin will start next year, and will be slowly ramped up from about 30 percent crew capacity with voluntary participation. Employees will receive a 25-percent nighttime surcharge, and the first phase of the shift will last about three months.

Additionally, the source added that current demand was still exceeding supply, though the German factory has had difficulty obtaining as many employees as it had planned by the end of the year. Tesla aimed to hire 12,000 employees at the plant by the end of the year, though it currently only has between 8,000 and 9,000.

Some of the discussion was also on employee complaints of little pay, and the source said that production employees work 37 hours per week and receive around €2,800 ($2,974) of gross pay before accounting for surcharges.

The employees reported receiving 30 days of vacation, 15 of which are on fixed calendar dates and the other 15 of which can be chosen by the employees.

As it stands, Tesla’s flagship Model S and Model X are produced at its Fremont factory in California. These cars are then shipped to overseas markets. Could Tesla start making them at Giga Berlin to serve other markets overseas? The company said shipping constraints held back deliveries during Q3. Take this one with a grain of salt.