Tesla’s Gigafactory Texas Hits 3,000 Model Y Builds Per Week

Giga texas 3 000 model y

Tesla’s Gigafactory in Austin, Texas, hit a milestone today as it reached 3,000 Model Y builds per week.

That milestone means Tesla’s Giga Texas factory is on pace to produce over 150,000 Model Y vehicles annually.

A picture of employees surrounding a Midnight Silver Metallic Model Y and also celebratory balloons “3K” was shared by the automaker on Thursday.

Here are some recent milestones for Gigafactory Texas:

Austin-made Model Y vehicles include the company’s latest 4680 structural battery packs.

For the latest overview of Gigafactory Texas, check out the drone flyover filmed yesterday by Joe Tegtmeyer, who says the site remains very busy with lots of Model Y vehicles spotted on site. He predicted Giga Texas would be making Model Y vehicles at 3,000 per week and looks like he was bang on:

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