Watch Tesla’s Semi Truck Get Tested in Harsh Conditions [VIDEO]

Photo: Tesla

The Tesla Semi debuted earlier this month with a delivery event for PepsiCo, and the automaker has since shared some footage of the electric semi truck’s rigorous testing, as a way to help encourage engineers to apply.

Tesla engineers tested the Semi in a range of harsh conditions, as seen in a video posted on LinkedIn by the automaker on Tuesday.

In addition, the video’s caption included a link to a Vehicle Test Engineer position for the Semi, which is based at the company’s Fremont, California Gigafactory.

“Join us on the Vehicle Test Team,” wrote Tesla in the post.

The position lists a number of responsibilities related to setting up Semi tests, including conducting vehicle-level structural strength and durability tests, tests in hot weather, watery conditions and more.

The role also requires a B.S. or M.S. degree in mechanical, automotive or mechatronics engineering, with at least two years of experience working on related mechanical engineering jobs.

The video shows the Semi driving through various muddy, snowy and wet conditions, and performing other tests such as running over a ladder and driving over water to let it splash into the engine.

You can watch the full promo video showing the Tesla Semi performing driving tests here.