2022.44.25 Tesla Holiday Update Now Available: Apple Music, MyQ, and More

Photo: James Locke

Each holiday season, Tesla rolls out a special software update that usually includes fun special features and significant upgrades. This year’s holiday update has officially been spotted by one Tesla owner in Canada.

Tesla’s holiday update is rolling out in Canada as software version 2022.44.25, as seen by @James Locke on Tuesday in his Model 3 Standard Range Plus.

The update brings a ton of fun surprises, including those we reported on earlier this week and a few unexpected updates โ€” such as the inclusion of Track Mode for Model Y Performance units.

Below are some of the main features included in the update, as seen in screenshots shared by Locke of his release notes:

  • Scheduled Light Show for up to 10 minutes
  • myQ Connected Garage Support
  • Climate control fan speed improvements
  • Emissions Testing Mode via mobile app
  • ‘Always Rainbows’ road animation display
  • Automatically deactivating turn signals
  • Improvements to Dog Mode
  • Improvements to Apple Music
  • Design update to Mahjong
  • Confirmation requests for phone call transfers to vehicle audio
  • Improvements to contact lookup features
  • Media interface control improvements

Take a look at some of Locke’s screenshots of the release notes below:

Photo: James Locke

Photo: James Locke

Photo: James Locke

Tesla also added some more details today, noting the following:

  • Apple Music now goes to 11
  • Track Mode for Model Y Performance
  • Control your garage door remotely using MyQ from your touchscreen
  • Emissions Testing Mode in the Tesla app ๐Ÿ’จ
  • Always show Rainbow Road ๐ŸŒˆ
  • Make Zoom calls with the cabin camera
  • UI cards are back, including a new media card

Also new is Steam Beta for Model S and Model X.