SpaceX Offering $600 Off on Starlink High Performance Dish Upgrades

Photo: u/billygoat_graf (via Nathan Owens)

A new end-of-the-year deal has surfaced for some subscribers of SpaceX’s Starlink service, offering discounts on upgrades to the all-new Flat High Performance dish.

SpaceX is offering a special $600 discount to customers upgrading to the Flat High Performance dish option, as spotted in an email sent to customers and shared on Reddit on Friday (via @Nathan Owens).

Buyers are eligible for the $600 discount on orders placed between now and December 31, according to the email.

“You are eligible to upgrade to the High Performance Starlink Kit for a $600 discount: $1,900 instead of $2,500,” SpaceX wrote in the email.

Owens also noted that the email was shared with select customers that are “presumably those in northern latitudes and cold climates.”

Starlink’s High Performance terminals provide an improved design for weather resistance in harsh climates, working well in hot, cold, and rainy conditions, according to the company.

While the High Performance dish is much larger than the standard option, it offers more than double the antenna capacity and improved download speeds across the board.

The news comes just a few days after a research firm in Antarctica reported reaching “unprecedented connectivity” levels in the remote region using Starlink.

SpaceX last week also received approval to launch 7,500 of its second-generation Starlink satellites into orbit.