SpaceX Launches $2,500 High-Performance Dish for Residential Service

Photo: Starlink (via PC Mag)

Just a day after SpaceX’s Starlink reached Antarctica to become operational on all seven continents, one publication has spotted the addition of the company’s high-performance Starlink terminal to its residential users page.

SpaceX now offers its $2,500 high-performance Starlink dish to residential users, as shown on the company’s order page (via PC Mag).

The high-performance dish was unveiled earlier this year, though it was initially launched as an option for business-tier users of Starlink. In addition to the hardware cost, the dish option also required a $500 per month charge for business internet users.

Now, SpaceX has removed the $500 monthly fee, offering residential buyers of the $2,500 satellite terminal the regular $110 monthly internet fee.

The high-performance dish performs better in harsh environments, according to the company’s support page, specifically noting hot, cold and rainy conditions.

“High Performance is best for power users and enterprise applications,” SpaceX writes on the support page. “The High Performance can see 35 percent more sky, allowing it to connect to more satellites and better serve users with atypical installations, unavoidable obstructions, or in polar (>59 degrees latitude) and equatorial regions where there are fewer visible satellites.”

The dish itself is larger than the basic residential Starlink terminal, but it also offers double the antenna capacity for improved download speeds ranging from 150 to 300 Mbps.