Tesla Reportedly Plans 75,000 Model Y Production at Giga Texas in Q1 2023: Report

Photo: Joe Tegtmeyer

Tesla’s Gigafactory Texas is reportedly aiming for 75,000 units of the Model Y in the first quarter of 2023, according to an unnamed source who shared the information with electrek.

The figure equates to more than 5,000 units per week at the site for the entire quarter, marking a significant production increase from the 1,000 Model Y units per week the factory was pushing as of June.

Although the automaker didn’t announce reaching 2,000 Model Y units per week at Giga Texas as it did at Giga Berlin, it’s assumed that Tesla is producing somewhere in this ballpark as it celebrated its 10,000th Model Y in September.

The forecast will come ahead of the company starting Cybertruck production next year, and the target marks what Tesla will want to reach on an ongoing basis before diving into scaling Cybertruck production.

The news also comes as some Tesla buyers are pushing their orders into 2023 to become eligible for the refreshed electric vehicle (EV) tax credit, and the automaker may be facing some temporary demand issues in the U.S. as a result.

Tesla also began notifying employees in the U.S. of a $3,750 tax credit on Model 3 and Y purchases for the month of December, likely to help move as many units as possible ahead of the end of the year.