Here’s the Tesla Semi and its Pop-Out Windows [VIDEO]

Tesla Semi pop out windows

We’re two weeks away from Tesla’s Semi delivery event, set to take place at Gigafactory Nevada. The company will deliver its first Semi trucks to customer PepsiCo.

If you haven’t seen it yet, the Tesla Semi also features pop-out windows, allowing the driver to get both fresh air and also talk to people outside of the truck, such as when dealing with toll booths.

This was spotted in a video shared by Reddit user ‘Rocksquisher’ on Thursday.

The Tesla Semi was filmed just before the Fallon exit on Interstate 80 eastbound in Nevada. This Semi and its load was previously spotted at the Cyber Rodeo at Giga Texas, with its defining graffiti art on the side.

Check out the Semi and its pop-out windows below:

Of course, anytime we see some of these user-submitted videos, they just so happen to be filmed in portrait mode and you don’t get to see much for long.