SpaceX Plans Starship Super Heavy Launch in ‘Early December’, Says NASA

SpaceX’s launch schedule for Starship and the Super Heavy booster’s first orbital launch is pegged for an “early December,” according to details shared by NASA (via Eric Berger @SciGuySpace).

NASA shared details of steps remaining ahead of the orbital launch, including what is next for Booster 7 and Starship 24, such as more prop system tests, static fire testing and a wet dress rehearsal.

Berger also points to a statement from NASA’s Mark Kirasich, who said he doesn’t think SpaceX is going to try to recover the first stage of the Super Heavy booster on an upcoming test flight expected to happen in December.

In the past, documents detailed SpaceX’s plan to ‘catch’ its first stage booster with Mechzilla’s chopstick arms.

The news comes just a week after SpaceX’s first Starship full-stack tests in preparation for the launch.

It also comes after SpaceX Head Elon Musk said a Starship launch was “highly likely” in November, though it seems to be more likely to happen in December from Berger’s post.

This could represent the latest in a long series of delays to the Starship launch, which has required various levels of specific licensing from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the past year or so.