Elon Musk Sent Tesla Engineers to Review Twitter Code Today: Report

After entering Twitter headquarters yesterday literally with a sink, and today penning a letter to advertisers on the social network, Elon Musk has not wasted any time in diagnosing what needs to be done at the company he just purchased.

According to Bloomberg, Musk has already asked Tesla engineers to meet with Twitter product leaders to examine the latter’s code, citing unnamed sources.

Sources say earlier today, Tesla engineers were shown Twitter’s source code, to then examine and report back their findings to Musk about what needs to be changed.

With the Twitter deal set to close on Friday, the code of the social network can no longer be altered, say sources. A similar freeze on code changes was also implemented back in April, when the Musk-Twitter deal was first announced.

Musk previously stated the purchase of Twitter would accelerate the creation of the ‘everything’ app known as X, which many suspect would be the equivalent of China’s WeChat.