Tesla AI Day ‘Will Be Highly Technical’ and for Recruiting Engineers: Musk

With Tesla’s AI Day coming up on Friday, many onlookers are wondering what special announcements and new updates the event could hold.

After tweeting the AI Day 2022 poster on Wednesday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk shared a few more details about the event.

@ElonMusk retweeted the Tesla AI Day 2022 poster, adding that the event would be intended for “AI & robotics engineers” and would be “highly technical.” This is essentially reiterating what the company has said in the past about the event.

The AI Day event is expected to include updates on many of Tesla’s ongoing tech projects, notably including the Dojo Chip, Full Self-Driving (FSD) and the Optimus robot.

Tesla delayed AI Day from initial taking place this summer, citing plans to debut a live prototype of the Optimus humanoid robot at the rescheduled event. The first Tesla AI Day took place last year, showing off the Dojo D1 supercomputer chip, as well as the introduction to Optimus.

In addition to showing off new tech and updates, Musk previously stated that the purpose of AI Day was to help Tesla recruit talented engineers.

“Yes, the purpose of AI Day is to convince great AI/software/chip talent to join Tesla,” said Musk over the summer.

Following last year’s AI Day event, Tesla received roughly 100 times more applicants per day than it had prior. The top destinations for engineering grads is to work at SpaceX and Tesla.