Tesla Launches 2021+ Model S Glass Roof Sunshade

model s glass roof sunshade

Tesla has launched a sunshade for the Model S refresh (2021+) in its online shop, priced at $120 USD.

“Constructed from lightweight mesh fabric with a collapsible rigid frame, the Model S Glass Roof Sunshade blocks 66 percent of luminous transmittance. Easily removable, the sunshade is installed onto the interior of the glass roof with provided clips. When removed, the shade collapses and can be stored in the included zippered pouch,” says Tesla.

Despite the tint on the glass roof of Tesla’s vehicles, it can still get hot and this sunshade can help out on long road trips, or if your vehicle is parked outside in the sun.

The package includes;

  • 1x glass roof sunshade
  • 4x sunshade clips
  • 1x zippered storage pouch

It’s only compatible with Model S vehicles produced in 2021 or newer. Some other alternatives on Amazon offer double the protection for half the cost.